Janette Pellegrini/Getty Images

No, That Wasn’t Taylor Swift Singing On That Kelsea Ballerini Track

‘It’s not a collaboration with anyone, and I’m not making a pop record’

Last week, Kelsea Ballerini shared a clip of a new track on her Snapchat that featured vocals that sounded a lot like Taylor Swift. As Kelsea is a member Tay's squad and as #TS6 is currently in production (maybe), rumors quickly circulated about the song being a duet or collaboration of sorts between the two singers.

But sorry, Swifties — on Thursday (September 22), Kelsea confirmed that the leaked studio track isn't a collab with any other artist. In a high-quality audio snippet she posted to Instagram, it's clear that Kelsea's singing on the track, not Taylor.

"It's not a collaboration with anyone, and I'm not making a pop record," she wrote in the caption. "Just exploring all the boundaries of songwriting and creativity I have so I can make the best record I can make for both me and you. So, this is Roses."

Unfortunately we will have to wait a while to hear the full version of "Roses," as Kelsea just announced on Twitter this week that her next single will be "Yeah Boy."

"We went back and forth on whether to do another single from the album or do something new," she told Rolling Stone Country. "We just felt like 'Peter Pan' moved up [the charts] a lot quicker than we expected it to – which is such a blessing. ... But "Yeah Boy" captures that fun youthfulness, and I thought it would be good to circle back and end on that note."

Hey, remember when Taylor and Kelsea rocked out to "Yeah Boy" backstage at the 1989 World Tour?