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Daniel Radcliffe Really Wants To Be Killed On Game Of Thrones

Don’t we all, Daniel?

Daniel Radcliffe is one of us. Despite his Harry Potter money — millions and millions of galleons — his attachment to Google+, and his eerie resemblance to Elijah Wood, Radcliffe is a total normie who, like us, loves Game of Thrones. Unlike us, however, Radcliffe's British accent and star power give him an advantage when it comes to the likelihood of making an appearance in Westeros.

When asked if Radcliffe would ever consider guest starring on an episode, the 27-year-old actor told Digital Spy, "I would love to. If they want to just bring me in and fucking kill me, I would be so happy to do that."

Ah. So he wants the Ian McShane treatment. (Don't we all!)

Radcliffe's aversion to making any long-term television commitments is understandable, given the decade he spent playing The Boy Who Lived in the Harry Potter franchise. But that doesn't mean he isn't looking at pilots. After all, it's no longer uncommon for movie stars to take on cable television projects, thanks to the rise of the limited series.

Ideally, Radcliffe would like the opportunity to sign on for a television project without signing his life away. "Right now, I have a little bit of freedom," he said. "So if I read a script for something that's filming next year, I don't have to turn it down because I'm not available — which I did, for a long time."

You never know when your Jon Snow will find you, DanRad.