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Nev Schulman And Laura Perlongo Have Taken The Most Unique Pregnancy Photos Ever

See how the 'Catfish' sleuth and his fiancée are documenting their road to parenthood

Nev Schulman has facilitated many unforgettable Catfish meetings -- and soon enough, the MTV frontman will become acquainted with a very special someone: his daughter!

The New York native -- who is expecting his first child with fiancée Laura Perlongo -- is inching closer to fatherhood, and the future husband/wife have made sure to document the journey before they become parents. From their life-changing announcement to the mama-to-be baring her belly at the MTV Video Music Awards, the lovebirds are known for sharing some sweet -- and oftentimes unique -- updates before Baby Schulman's arrival.

Take a look at their photo album below, offer your well wishes to the couple in the comments and stay with MTV News for more Catfish updates!

  1. Eating a big sandwich...that's actually a baby
  2. Soon, Nev will have two ladies in his life (yup, it's a girl!)
  3. Showing off that growing belly and brand-new bling
  4. Feeling a bit enraged about their engagement
  5. Celebrating one year together -- and reflecting on how they first met
  6. Feeling grateful for the "greatest gift ever"
  7. These two are ready for the most patriotic day of the year
  8. Like mother, like daughter
  9. This peanut cannot sit still
  10. Workout video -- Nev, Laura and munchkin style
  11. Post-VMA thoughts
  12. This stroller is almost ready to go
  13. Fun in the sun and sand