Lewbert From iCarly Is Now A Wart-Free Giant Peanut

Actor Jeremy Rowley recently guest-starred on a 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' sketch

The grouchy, unhygienic doorman on iCarly was definitely one of the show's most memorable characters, namely because he was super freakin' weird. Thankfully, actor Jeremy Rowley isn't anything like his character, though he does tend to play ~interesting~ ones in our post-iCarly world. On Wednesday (September 21), Rowley guest-starred on a Jimmy Kimmel Live! sketch for a fake Pedigree commercial.

He teased fans on Twitter and Instagram about his upcoming appearance, sharing two different pics of himself wearing a giant peanut costume with no context, urging people to watch the show "to find out what the heck is happening here."

On the bizarre sketch, Rowley holds cue cards for actors to read their lines, while they're "attacked" by dogs licking peanut butter off their faces. Yep, you read that right. Rowley acts completely oblivious to the actors' struggles and just wants them to do their jobs so they can all go home. Watch the funny video below.