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Prepare To Fall In Love With Marvel’s Badass New Hawkeye

Kate Bishop is the Hawkeye we deserve

Who is Kate Bishop? She's a skilled archer and a master of martial arts. She has an amazing sense of humor, specializing in making fun of Clint Barton. She's a feminist who's not here to be objectified. She's a bit of a smart-ass. She's a way better shot than Clint. Oh, and she also plays the cello. She's pretty much an Avenger — she's Hawkeye.

And she's finally getting her own solo series.

Known mostly as Clint's protégé — but she's really his partner — Kate Bishop has landed her first solo Marvel comic from writer Kelly Thompson (Jem and the Holograms, A-Force) and artist Leonardo Romero. Described as "Veronica Mars with superheroes," Hawkeye finds Kate Bishop starting anew on the West Coast, away from Clint, her former teammates (Young Avengers), and the fallout from Civil War II. But she's not just moving to Los Angeles to take down criminals; she's also entering the world of private investigation, like Veronica Mars and Jessica Jones before her. She gets paid to straight-up creep on people all day.

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Kate's always been a kick-ass character with a lot of potential, so it's nice to finally see her stand on her own. While she may not always be the most graceful, she's unabashedly herself: opinionated, brash, determined, passionate, and most importantly, still figuring her shit out.

Here are just a few of the reasons we can't wait to see Kate Bishop take on Venice Beach in her first solo series:

  • She was born into privilege, but she’s incredibly down-to-earth.
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    The youngest socialite daughter of a rich New York family, Bishop could have easily turned into Blair Waldorf, but she made the switch to vigilantism after she was brutally assaulted in Central Park. To cope with the trauma, she took up intense combat training, specializing in martial arts and archery. She also went to therapy, which is a reasonable step most superheroes skip. Now, Kate is just a superhero who genuinely loves superheroing. It's not a burden to her; she has a passion for it.

  • She’s funny.
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    Never afraid to put Clint, or any other Avenger, in their place, Kate's sharp sense of humor is reason enough to fall in love with her. (The other reason being that she can kick your ass — with style!) That being said, Kate also has a lot of respect for her heroes, especially Clint.

  • She makes mistakes — and she owns up to them.
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    As a superhero with nary a super power, Kate can be reckless. She first meets the Young Avengers during their failed attempt to thwart a hostage situation at Kate's sister's wedding — and Kate, a tiny girl with not enough training, has to save their asses. That was a reckless decision! But one that clearly paid off. It's that sense of recklessness that can land her in hot water from time to time, but she takes it in stride. Oh, and sometimes she just doesn't know what to do in high-pressure situations, which makes her surprisingly relatable for a superhero.