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Even A Zillion Spotify Streams Won’t Stop The IRS From Taking Nelly’s Tour Profits

Dollars earned on the road go to Uncle Sam instead of the St. Lunatic

If you've been streaming "Hot in Herre" on a loop in an effort to fix Nelly's money problems, bless your heart, but you can stop: The IRS is down with taking his paycheck from tour instead of your Spotify plays.

In order to squash the $2.4 million tax lien and nearly $150,000 state tax sum Nelly's presently on the hook for, the rapper needs to fork over his earnings from his upcoming tour dates — or Ticketmaster does, technically.

As TheJasmineBrand reports, the IRS approached TicketMaster with a garnishment execution and will be collecting a portion — or potentially all — of the profits from Nelly's next four performances with the ticketing agent and distributor.

Hopefully, the "Hot in Herre" marathon and the dollars from these live sets will help him see the end of his debt ASAP.

"Hot in Herre" is just over the 60 million mark for Spotify plays, so maybe by the time another zero or so is added to that number, he'll be back on the road with the IRS off his back.