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Greyson Chance And Frank Pole’s ‘Anything’ Will Make You Want To Reconnect With Love

Both artists speak to MTV News about their collaboration

A few months after dropping his EP Somewhere Over My Head, 19-year-old Greyson Chance is back with a brand-new single. The former viral “Paparazzi” singer, who originally signed with Ellen DeGeneres’s label at 13, collaborated with Frank Pole on the newly released single “Anything,” an upbeat jam about doing “anything” for the one you love that dropped on Thursday (September 15).

Though Chance and Pole are not in the music video due to timing issues, actors Kristina Evelynn Ashley and Andrew Vogel visually told the song’s story instead.

MTV News interviewed Chance and Pole about their latest project and how their collaboration came to be.

What sparked the inspiration for the song? Is it based on someone in your life (or who used to be in your life)?

Frank Pole: We wrote the lyrics together back in spring when I was in L.A. for writing sessions. I did a remix for Greyson’s single “Afterlife,” and it did really well on Spotify and the fans loved it, so we decided to work together again but this time on an original. Greyson started with the idea of a guy alone in his car with this thoughts determined to show a girl that he still loved her, and wanted her back. I really loved the idea so we went with it and magic happened.

Since it’s a collaboration, how much of the final result is your doing versus Frank’s?

Greyson Chance: Frank and I equally contributed on “Anything.” It was definitely a joint project. Frank had provided me with some chords and a beat, and I really spiraled off those for melody options. In terms of the lyrics, we wanted to paint the picture of an old relationship suddenly coming back to the surface. Once we nailed that down, the words didn’t take long at all.

Did you ever have any alternate titles for the song, or was “Anything” always your No. 1 choice?

Pole: Actually, “Anything” was the direction we decided to follow since the beginning. When we started writing lyrics, I had already produced the beat. All we needed was a catchy vocal to add to it and he’s pretty amazing so it was easy! Before we wrote it, the name of the project was, without a specific reason, “Superpiano.” I usually give my projects people names cause I like to treat them like they’re really someone, but this was an exception.

Tell me a little bit about the process for this. How long was this song in the making?

Chance: We wrote the song in maybe two hours! It was one of the quickest writes I had had in a long time. You can’t force songwriting; some days it is there, and others, it just isn’t. When I was working with Frank, we didn’t have to force it.

I actually loved that the girl in the video was a skater. That’s not something you see a lot of, sadly. What was the reasoning behind that?

Pole: Since Greyson was touring and I was in Italy finishing up the record, my manager showed me a bunch of girls who would play the lead and asked me to choose one of them to be the star of the music video. I checked their Instagram profiles and when I saw Kristina skateboarding, I thought, she’s the one. I wrote the concept of the video, too, and I thought having a skater girl that’s also very confident with the guy was a cool idea. We really wanted to create a fun vibe that fit the energy of the song but still tell a story.

What makes this song different from your past work, something you really want your fans to know about it going in?

Chance: I think this song is entirely optimistic, which for me, is a little rare. I tend to find comfort in sadder lyric lines and slower piano songs; with this song, that is definitely not the case. I am really happy now and I think this song showcases that. I am very excited for the world to hear it and to have worked on this project with someone as talented as Frank!

You can listen to and download “Anything” here.