Jennette McCurdy Caught Miranda Cosgrove’s Love For Pokémon In Action

They also played with tons of Snapchat filters

Press the applause button on Sam Puckett’s remote control, because Jennette McCurdy and Miranda Cosgrove documented their hang-out sesh on Snapchat. The iCarly stars and real-life BFFs goofed off with Snapchat’s wacky new filters and talked Pokémon Go with their friend — and McCurdy’s codirector on the upcoming short 8 BodiesColton Tran.

While Cosgrove and Tran talk about Cubone and evolving, McCurdy surreptitiously filmed them. After they caught her, the trio shifted gears and began playing with various (and super weird) Snapchat filters. While McCurdy’s Snapchat story is gone now, thankfully Twitter user @StrongNicki managed to capture it before it disappeared forever.

Tran also shared cute videos of the trio on his Snapchat story, including McCurdy joking about how the cherry filter made her look like a “butthole.” Never change, Jennette.