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Snoop Dogg Kinda Sorta Maybe Named His Latest Album With Lemonade In Mind

Plus, he lists off three rappers — a ‘dream team’ — he’d want to hit the road with

Snoop Dogg somehow managed to work Beyoncé, several nuggets of knowledge about his ongoing projects, his thoughts on Donald Trump (“How could we have someone as reckless as him running our country?”), and a plan for booking his dream tour into a single interview. Who knew the Doggfather was such a multitasker?

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Snoop discusses everything from Coolaid, his recently released album, to whether or not the album title is inspired in part by Bey’s Lemonade (it is), what the likelihood is of a Snoop biopic à la Straight Outta Compton hitting theaters anytime soon, and more.

“I watched Lemonade and was like, ‘Damn,’” he says of Beyoncé’s AV opus. “The music is dope, and the visuals are fly as fuck. But I don’t drink lemonade; I drink Kool-Aid. So I decided to call my shit Coolaid, since I brought so much flavor to the game, and I’m what they consider one of the coolest motherfuckers in hip-hop and life in general.”

Fair enough. When asked about the rumors about a Snoop movie in the works, he’s quick to squash them — for now. The movie is inevitable, so it seems, but he’s not interested in pursuing a film adaptation of the early days of his career just yet. “I’m pretty sure there will be,” he says. “But right now I’m not into it. To me, that’s bandwagon. You shouldn’t do a movie about your life just because you saw the success of Straight Outta Compton.”

As for that dream tour, Snoop opens up about his relationship with Dr. Dre, whom he refers to as his “big bro,” and how it would make sense for the rappers to hit the road together: “A Snoop-Dre album would be amazing, but a tour even more, because we have legendary music the world has yet to see us perform globally. I’m pretty sure he wants to do it. He just wants the team in place. Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre – that’s the dream team for him.”

That’s the dream team for anyone with even the most elementary of interests in hip-hop, really. As for that Snoop flick, we’ll keep holding out hope!