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Green Day Rob A Bank In Their ‘Bang Bang’ Video…Or Do They?

Green Day have gone bad

This just in: Green Day have robbed a bank and are now wanted fugitives in the state of California. Or at least... this iteration of Green Day are:

In their new video for “Bang Bang” — directed by Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong — the pop-punk titans get framed by a trio of crooks wearing creepy masks of their likenesses. But no matter — Billie Joe and Co. are too busy getting back to their DIY roots with a raucous house party (Imagine that! One of the greatest punk bands of all time playing your shitty house party!). The two narratives eventually intersect when the robbers show up at Green Day’s gig and proceed to shower the band in stolen bills. What happens after that probably involves handcuffs and Miranda rights, but for now, it’s all good times, raining cash, and power chords galore.

“Bang Bang” is the lead single off Green Day’s upcoming 12th album, Revolution Radio, which arrives October 7. The band released the LP’s title track last week, which you should probably listen to if you love raging against the establishment.