Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic / Nickelodeon

Watch The Fairly OddParents’ Timmy Turner Sing Some Of Desiigner’s ‘Tiimmy Turner’

This is mesmerizing

Ever since Desiigner’s song “Tiimmy Turner” debuted this summer, fans had a heyday comparing it to The Fairly OddParents protagonist with the same name. Even though Desiigner has said he’s not rapping about the 10-year-old boy in the pink hat, that didn’t stop people like Jon Komet from making gems such as this.

But none of the Timmy Turner jokes even remotely compare to what Vine star Thomas Sanders did earlier this month. He posted a vid with Leo Anderson of the two of them listening to Desiigner’s track, but then started “spicing up a beat” with the help of a very special guest: Timmy Turner him herself.

Yep, Tara Strong, who’s voiced Timmy Turner since the show debuted 15 years ago, actually sings “Tiimmy Turner,” and I can’t stop watching it.

This isn’t the first time Sanders has collaborated with Strong: In May, they collabed for a Vine about the weirdness of living together. He also had the voice artist reprise her role as Raven from Teen Titans, along with Greg Cipes, who played Beast Boy.