DJ Khaled And Nas Scoop Up All The Major Keys In Their Tropical New Video

They don’t want us to ride a horse through the ocean while smoking a cigar

Never one to settle for the lesser things in life, DJ Khaled went bigger and bolder than ever for his new “Nas Album Done” video (which, yes, features Nas himself).

Clocking in at almost nine minutes, the tropical visual is an exercise in excess, as we see Khaled and Nas lord over the Bahamas while performing their Fugees-sampling Major Key standout. The jubilant mini-movie begins with an extended intro featuring dancehall legend Louie Rankin, and from there, we see plenty of Hawaiian shirts, bikini-clad dancers, luxurious whips, and Jet Skis (don’t worry, no one gets lost). But the real standout moment happens when Khaled rides a horse through the crystal blue ocean while smoking a cigar. This is pure art, people.

Check out the luxe video below, and try to keep count of all the brand endorsements and Khaledian mantras — I dare you.