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Haylie Duff Goes From ‘Girl In The Band’ To Chef

Will her baby sis Hilary join?

Once upon a time 2003, Haylie Duff belted out “Girl in the Band” for her younger sister’s movie soundtrack. The film was, of course, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, starring Disney Channel pop princess Hilary Duff.

Now, years later, Haylie’s back on your screen, this time without her sis. She currently hosts The Real Girl’s Kitchen and her new series, Haylie’s America, premieres Thursday night (September 8) on the Cooking Channel.

“Every episode kind of has a different feel because every city is a little different,” Duff told Entertainment Weekly about her new gig, which has her traveling cross-country to whip up delicious things. “I’m not cooking in a restaurant every time or a kitchen every time. In Grand Isle, Louisiana, I’m cooking on the shores of the Gulf in a big cast iron pot on top of cinderblocks with a propane tank.”

That certainly sounds like something her 2006 Material Girls character would be shocked by.


Sadly, her family didn’t stop in for Season 1 of Haylie’s America — “They didn’t this year because I’m traveling and on the road so much," she explained — but mama Duff regularly appears on The Real Girl’s Kitchen.

"My mom is a riot. I’m always trying to get her to come and do the show,” Duff continued. “I basically force her. She’s like, ‘Please no. Please don’t make me.’ I think she’s hilarious and the fact that she doesn’t want to be on it makes her funnier to me.”

Keep your fingers crossed that Hilary will join the fun, too.