Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Zendaya Aspires To Beyoncé-Level Greatness

She's got a gold standard, except her gold standard is Queen B

Zendaya is Seventeen's October cover girl, and her unstoppable verve shines through it, as do her huge aspirations, and the super high — fit for a Queen B, even — standards she holds herself to.

"The way I see it in my head, I should be nothing shy of Beyoncé," she tells Seventeen's Jessica Herndon, discussing her intense work ethic. "But you can't freakin' put that much pressure on yourself. That doesn't mean don't strive for the best, because you should... Sometimes I need to realize that I'm human. I'm doing pretty good."

Seeing as she appeared in Lemonade and is set to star in one of next year's biggest movies — Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is scheduled to open in theaters July 11, 2017 — we'd say she's doing waaay more than "pretty good" on the extraordinary human front.

She goes on to gush about how she connects with her fans through Snapchat and Twitter ("I kind of stalk [my fans]. I'll send a little 'Hey, girl' or favorite their tweet"), but sticks to good ol' fashioned face time and phone calls when it comes to her famous friends (like her Shake It Up co-star, Bella Thorne: "We'll post things to each other on social media, but we know everybody's looking at that, so if she wants to talk, she'll call me or text me").

Pick up Seventeen's October issue on stands now, and stay tuned for more on Zendaya's developing Spidey sense.