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Christina Aguilera Covers ‘Uptown Funk’ With A Surprising Metalhead

The pop star tried Bruno Mars’s hit on for size with some surprising company

What do you get when you throw together one of last year's biggest hits, a pop star, and a drummer who’s really into roller coasters? Delightful confusion! And also a snippet from the premiere of Spike’s new TV show, Tracks, which paired up Christina Aguilera and drummer Tommy Lee for a performance of “Uptown Funk.”

The song fit perfectly in Aguilera’s range, and it’s a favorite of Lee’s, too: He spent a hefty chunk of his 2015 tour with Mötley Crüe spinning upside down in a crazy drum kit/roller coaster contraption extended over the audience, and “Uptown Funk” was one of the tracks he’d hit the skins to in the midst of that routine.

The cover of Bruno Mars’s smash served as a special sound bite from the premiere episode of Tracks, the new musical game show that Aguilera is also executive-producing. [Note: Spike and MTV are both owned by Viacom.] Different musicians will swing through Tracks to try to identify a song from a single component of it, i.e., its bass line, guitar riff, or vocal part.

Aguilera’s definitely got the chops for this latest music/TV endeavor, as her experience on The Voice and her recent appearance on Lip Sync Battle more then prepped her for the challenge.

No word yet as to whether or not she’ll be regularly performing at her day job, but performances are built into the show’s structure, so here’s hoping for some equally unexpected clips in the coming weeks.