Your Guide to the After Party Approach Game

Pro tips for turning your approach into a success every time.

There’s nothing like a killer after party to end the night—or start the morning—on the right note. And we know the VMAs after parties were on fleek Sunday night. To help you be prepared to ace your next after party (and the after after party), practice these tips.

In this episode, YouTube star Josh Leyva and sexologist Shannon Boodram talk “After Party” game, how to be prepared, and how to close the deal with the right approach.

Here are our tips on nailing the approach:

Have a plan. The sexiest thing you can do is enjoying yourself and be confident. Know where you’re going when you walk through the party. Stand up straight, make eye contact with the person you like, and give them a smile so they know you’re interested. Consider standing nearby and talking with your friends in your crush’s vicinity. Proximity helps with both party’s approach game. (Think of how tough it is to walk across an entire room and directly approach bae, versus playing eye hockey for a few moments just steps away from one another.)

Pay attention to clues. Communication is 90 percent nonverbal cues. Attraction happens in the first three seconds…so if you’re not looking, you won’t notice that the smoking hot stud in the corner is burning holes into the back of your head (okay, and at your butt). Ladies, if you’re into a guy, face him, hold eye contact and give him a big smile so he knows you like what you see. He’ll feel your energy and come over if he’s single. If the girl you’re into is dancing with her friends but positions herself so she’s looking at you while working her sexy get-down moves, consider that flirting. When she takes a break, compliment her moves and ask if you can buy her a drink.

Give them a compliment. Walk over to the guy or girl you’re crushing on and give them a compliment. Ladies, compliment the guy on something specific, like his watch, or ask him what cologne he’s wearing and tell him it smells sexy. Guys, tell a woman you like what she’s wearing and something about her smile or confidence that you found compelling. Stick around a few minutes to see how they respond. If your compliment falls a bit flat and they’re not engaging, he/she might be taken or simply not interested. Tell them it was nice meeting them and walk away. If you’re feeling it, work on playful banter.

Gently touch your crush in the right spot. If you’ve been talking for a while and the chemistry is palpable, consider a gentle, well-placed touch. Women, consider touching the guy on his forearm if you’re standing next to each other, or playfully on his mid-thigh if you’re sitting side by side at barstools and laughing. Guys, if you’re guiding a woman through the room or leaning in close to whisper something in her ear, a light touch on the small of her back can totally be a turn on.

Our final advice? Have fun—and be prepared for the after party.

Use a condom every time. Responsible AF.