Ariana Grande Really Doesn’t Care Whether You Like Her Ponytail

Happiness is a high ponytail

If there's one thing we know to be true and good in this world, it's that Ariana Grande loves her ponytail. What we didn't know was just how deep her love for the hairstyle runs.

In a new interview with Byrdie, she says, "It brings me so much joy, honestly. Every time I put my hair up, it's like a surprise. Like, I forget how much I love it, and then I tie it back and I'm like, 'I love this look! Ooh, girl!' Every time I tie it up is like the first time. It's like true love."

In addition to making her happy, the ponytail serves another purpose — to let everyone else know she DGAF about what anyone thinks about it. She says, "Shit, you don’t like my ponytail? I'm gonna have it two times bigger tomorrow, and higher, tighter, more hair in there too!"

There's more power in that pony than you, I, or anyone else will ever know. Respect it.