Wait, Janice From Friends Doesn’t Sound Like That In Real Life?

Oh. My. GOD.

There's one Friends voice that fans will never forget: Janice Litman Goralnik, Chandler Bing's ex-girlfriend. Her go-to catchphrase was a distinctly nasal "Oh! My! God!"

But actress Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice, doesn't actually sound like that in real life — surprise, surprise. Though the show wrapped over a decade ago, she can still perfectly re-create the voice and "never" gets tired of it. Hear it for yourself below.

"The laugh happened organically in the first rehearsal, because I needed to find a way to laugh, because Matthew Perry is so funny," Wheeler told Australian talk show This Morning about how the voice came to be. "And working with him, I knew right away. I thought, ‘This guy’s gonna make me laugh on set, I've gotta be prepared. What am I going to do?’ So I created Janice’s laugh just as a safety measure for when Matthew made me laugh."

But you've probably heard Wheeler's normal voice before today. If you've seen Season 3, Episode 7 of How I Met Your Mother, she plays a real estate agent who helps Lily Aldrin and Marshall Eriksen find their new apartment in Manhattan's fictional Dowisetrepla neighborhood.


There's no high-pitched squeals or "oh my god" reactions in this scene. Just your totally normal New York City realtor trying to suck every penny out of your pockets.

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