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Rupert Grint’s New ‘Utterly Posh’ TV Role Is Nothing Like Ron Weasley

He’s a hustler, baby

It’s been a minute since Rupert Grint last graced our screens — unless you count all of those Harry Potter marathons on ABC Family Freeform — but he’s back and starring in Snatch, a television series inspired by Guy Ritchie’s 2000 heist comedy of the same name. Grint will also executive produce the series for Crackle.

Grint scored the lead role of Charlie Cavendish, who is being described as “dynamic, frustratingly chaotic and utterly posh.” (But does he drive an ice cream truck?) The series will create a new world with new characters, while keeping the cheeky spirit of the original film. Just think of Grint as a young Jason Statham in the making.

Inspired by a real-life heist in London, Snatch will follow a group of “twentysomething, up and coming hustlers” who stumble upon a truckload of stolen gold and then must confront the “rogue cops, gypsy fighters, international mobsters and local villains” who would like the truckload of stolen gold bars for themselves. The cast also features Dougray Scott and Ed Westwick (as a shady nightclub owner named Sonny Castillo!) — and the 10 hour-long episodes will be directed by Nick Renton.

Production begins next week in Manchester, England, so expect even more photos of the elusive Mr. Grint.