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Tove Lo Gets A Furiosa-Style Buzzcut In The ‘Cool Girl’ Video

Her new album ‘Lady Wood’ comes out this fall

Tove Lo isn’t afraid of the heat in her new video for “Cool Girl.”

The singer’s latest visual looks something like a cross between The Neon Demon and Mad Max: Fury Road. Lo dances on a car in a scorching motel parking lot and writhes on top of a glass coffin in the middle of the desert, all without losing her cool. She even rocks Furiosa’s buzz cut while she plays Prince Charming to her sleeping Snow White.

Lo’s new visual comes with a mysterious “to be continued” title screen, implying that her forthcoming album, Lady Wood, may be a visual album along the lines of Beyoncé’s Lemonade or Tegan and Sara’s Love You to Death. The end of the video also hints that a new song called “Fairy Dust (Chapter 1)” will be out soon.

Like her first album, Lo’s sophomore release will be broken up into sections: “Fairy Dust” and “Fire Fade.” In a statement, she described the two halves as “the emotional curves I go through when I’m chasing any kind of rush.”

Lady Wood arrives October 28, which means there’s two whole months left for Lo to keep teasing us.