21 Times The Sprouse Twins Shattered Your Childhood Into A Million Pieces

These are NSFD (Not Safe For Disney)

The Sprouse twins grew up on Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, but they've come a long way since The Tipton. Now that Mr. Moseby isn't around to keep them in check, Dylan and Cole are free to let their freak flags fly. Here's what happens on Twitter when there are no PG ratings to abide by.

  1. On quality alone time:
  2. On drunk texts, part 1:
  3. On drunk texts, part 2
  4. On vaping:
  5. On modeling:
  6. On puberty:
  7. On hair:
  8. On fashion:
  9. On animals:
  10. On babies:
  11. On fetishes:
  12. On Coachella:
  13. On genitalia:
  14. On fuckboys:
  15. On marketing:
  16. On cheating:
  17. On music:
  18. On family, part 1:
  19. On family, part 2:
  20. On photography:
  21. On murder: