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YG, Drake, And Kamaiyah Invite Even More Hate With Their ‘Why You Always Hatin?’ Video

Living the lavish life

If you were already hating on YG, Drake, and Kamaiyah — and you probably were, because if not, then they wouldn't have made "Why You Always Hatin?" — then the video for the Still Brazy single will probably only magnify those feelings.

YG rolls through the city carefree in his drop-top Lamborghini, with Ty Dolla $ign hanging out the passenger side. And then he hangs out of the side of a helicopter. Aubrey, meanwhile, also perches himself atop YG's car, dancing and rapping without a care in the world. And then there's Kamaiyah, who splits her time between having a feast and sipping Champagne while dudes rub her feet.

So, yeah — they're living it up. Why you always hatin'?