Hilary Duff Lip-Synching To Rihanna Is Even Better Than That ‘Tide Is High’ Scene

🎶 I’m gonna be your number-one 🎶

Hilary Duff is bringing back major Lizzie McGuire Movie memories in her latest Instagram video. Remember when her bratty little brother, Matt, caught her singing Atomic Kitten’s “Tide Is High” cover into her hairbrush? It was an iconic scene for Disney Channel fans who watched the hit series in the early 2000s.


On Thursday, August 11, Duff got back into the lip-synching spirit with Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s hit “This Is What You Came For.” There’s sadly no hairbrush or pageboy hat this time, but she edited in flashes of light and sped-up vocals. So, in other words, she’s just like all us normal humans pretending we can sing like RiRi.

The clip really speaks for itself:

You rock, Lizzie Hilary, don’t ever change.