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Zendaya, Queen Of Shoes, Covers Footwear News

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As Zendaya becomes the next celebrity to take over the shoe world, it’s only right that she gets her own cover of Footwear News.

Zendaya describes herself as β€œif BeyoncΓ©, Oprah and Shonda Rhimes had a baby,” which sounds about right. At only 19, she’s already become a budding fashion icon, and now she has the shoe line to match.

β€œFor my demographic, I’m catering to real women who work, are getting their first jobs or are in college. I want them to have shoes that make sense for them,” she says in the magazine. β€œI want women to feel expensive, luxurious and beautiful, but not have to spend three years saving up for one pair of shoes.”

While she has a closet full of Louboutin, Zendaya isn’t looking to just copy high-end brands. β€œI don’t want to create knockoffs,” she says. β€œI want to create our own movement and style, even though I don’t believe in trends.”

Daya by Zendaya will be available at Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Von Mauer,, and