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iCarly’s Nathan Kress Stars In A New Horror Movie Scarier Than Lewbert

‘Tell Me How I Die’ is a drug-fueled nightmare

2016 has been a damn good year for Nathan Kress. The iCarly star celebrated his first few months of marriage, joined the Star Wars universe, directed episodes of Henry Danger and Game Shakers, and, as he announced on Facebook early Thursday (August 11), now has a horror movie coming out next month.

In Tell Me How I Die, Kress plays Den, a college student who enlists in a clinical drug trial to earn some easy cash, a.k.a. a “summer camp with drugs.” Everything is fine and dandy until the group learns the drug causes people to have vivid visions of their own gruesome deaths. One member of the group uses that power against the rest, subsequently murdering people left and right.

Toward the end of the trailer, Kress wields a large stick, trying to attack someone — but is threatened with a large knife two seconds later. Freddie Benson’s mother would have a heart attack if she could see her son now. Check out the trailer below.

Tell Me How to Die will be available in select theaters, on iTunes, and via Video On Demand September 16, 2016.