Blood Soup Special: These Food Missions Totally Grossed Out The Rivals III Finalists

Picky eater Jenna just couldn't keep it down...

Consuming all types of cuisine is part of the legacy of The Challenge -- and through the years, some of the most memorable incidents have featured hard-working contestants ingesting items that might not necessarily agree with their tummies. But which foods would some of the Rivals III competitors say stick out among the rest on the disgusting scale?

"The blood soup on Bloodlines," chicken-nuggets lover and notoriously picky eater Jenna recently told MTV News, without any hesitation. "I don't even know how to explain how it tasted -- I threw up automatically. It was horrible." And the proof is in the throwback clip above..

Meanwhile, two-time champ Sarah doesn't struggle as much with chowing down during these types of missions -- but one experience does bring back some not-so-great thoughts (remember it -- and her uncontrollable vomiting -- below).

"I don't mind the bugs. I've done a lot of traveling outside of the country and it's really easy for me to remember that these things are all commonly eaten wherever we are," the Real World: Brooklyn alum explains. "If you kind of get your mind around the gross stuff, you're fine. The one thing that was not a local delicacy was the fish oil thing on Battle of the Exes 2."

Lastly, Rivals III victor Johnny has nothing positive to say about durian, which he had to inhale during The Ruins and Rivals II (both in Thailand).

"They say if you've ever smelled a dead body, it's a smell that you will never forget," the vet admits about the fruit. "It's like burned into your brain. And that's how durian is. I start throwing up before I even put it in my mouth."

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