Ezra Glenn

9 Photos Of Daniel Radcliffe’s Corpse Traveling The Country

Life on the road isn't easy

Ezra Glenn has had an unusual summer, to say the least. To promote Swiss Army Man, he spent weeks hauling around Daniel Radcliffe's 50-pound corpse — a dummy affectionately named Manny.

The duo began their cross-country adventure in New York City, where Manny and the real-life Radcliffe spoke to press about their movie, in theaters now. (Read MTV News's full report here.)

"I carried him [Manny] out into the street and experienced my first taste of what the next month of my life would be like," Glenn wrote in a personal essay for PAPER. "People glaring at me in horror, moving away from me quickly, and yelling 'Is he okay?' in my general direction."

Here are all the places Manny scared the shit out of people:

  1. Brooklyn

    This looks uncomfortable. Manny went into a checked bag, "essentially a giant tupperware container," whenever they had to fly together.

  2. Manhattan

    Turn around, Manny, enjoy the sunset!

  3. Central Park

    Unfortunately, corpses are useless at rowing.

  4. Chicago

    Posing pretty for the camera.

  5. Washington, D.C.

    Right after this, his head fell off and Glenn had to perform emergency surgery.

  6. Miami

    Someone call CSI: Miami ASAP!

  7. Fort Lauderdale

    Corpses don't smile for pics.

  8. Denver

    This corpse is definitely over 21.

  9. Los Angeles

    Aw, what a cute family photo!