Kylie Jenner Teases Her New Eye Shadow Palettes


As her birthday collection winds down to one more release, it’s time for Kylie Jenner to surprise us with her next big cosmetics launch. On Monday (August 8), she took to Snapchat, as she does, to give us a tiny preview of her two upcoming eye shadow palettes.

After taking a break in a King Kylie bounce house, she said that her next palette is basically ready to go, saying, “Guys, I finally perfected my next palette!”

“Eye shadows are much more difficult for me. I’m super indecisive,” she continued. “It’s not just one lip kit color.”

While the photo of the new palettes are in black and white, you can still see that there will be a lot of shimmer going on. As always, stay glued to Kylie’s Snapchat for more.