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Kostos From Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants Will Still Make Your Heart Go Pitter-Pat

*fans self*

Actor Michael Rady weaseled his way into the hearts of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fans when he played Kostos Dounas, a hunky gentleman who swept the shy Lena Kaligaris (Alexis Bledel) off her feet.

Their whirlwind romance ended with one simple word: “Someday,” written in Greek — inspired by their shared hometown in Santorini, Greece. (If you’ve read Anne Brashares’s books, you know that “someday” does eventually come around.)

It’s been over a decade since Sisterhood first premiered, but Rady, 34, is still as hot as ever. He’s now married to actress Rachael Kemery, and they have two adorable kids.

He isn’t fishing in Santorini anymore, but dogs are cooler than fish anyway.

You might also recognize him from Freeform’s Greek. He played smarty-pants Max Tyler, who dated Casey Cartwright (Spencer Grammer) for a hot minute. He’s also appeared in Grey’s Anatomy, too.


Today he’s Coleman Wasserman on Lifetime’s UnREAL, a TV show about reality television. How meta, right? When he’s done with that, let’s keep our fingers crossed that he’ll join the Sisterhood squad for that rumored third movie!