Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Why Did Kanye West Just Delete His Twitter Account?

’Ye throws a curveball now that #Taylorgate and ‘Famous’ outrage have died down

Sure, that Saint West video Kim Kardashian tweeted earlier is mighty in its cuteness, but did that tidal wave of adorable drive Kanye West off of his preferred social media platform? Probably not, but something did, as @kanyewest is nowhere to be found.

Kanye’s Twitter account disappeared with little fanfare, a confounding move considering how quiet the rapper has been in the wake of some serious drama. Both the hysteria surrounding his notorious “Famous” video and the he said/she said of the latest chapter of his (now former) friendship with Taylor Swift have just started to quiet down.

This is why Kanye’s game of social media hide-and-seek comes as a bit of a surprise: Things are mellowing out on the tabloid front — they’re calm, even — so why would he delete his account now, especially when he’s been using his handle to get news out about Pablo pop-ups and the like?

Yeezus may be up to something — or he may be simply fed up with social media altogether. Or, hey, maybe Twitter doesn’t love Kanye like Kanye loves Kanye. (Good thing that Saint video was posted on mom’s account instead of dad’s.)