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Jared Leto Just Ruined That Green Jacket Meme

Why won’t he just let us be happy?

Yesterday (August 3), the Internet was abuzz with a photo of Jared Leto looking at a green Gucci jacket on the runway with a face of pure joy: it was, to the naked eye, love at first sight.

He later wore that same green Gucci jacket to the premiere of Suicide Squad, and for a brief, shining moment, it was as if we were all able to see the moment his dream became reality. But alas, all good things must come to an end — even joyous Jared Leto memes.

Jared spoke to Vanity Fair this morning (August 4) about the photos to clear up some confusion.

"The thing about the photo is — I'm going to be honest with you — I was actually making a face at someone across the runway," he said. "I have that feeling with most things [Gucci] makes because they make such beautiful things. But I was actually goofing off with a friend, and you can’t actually tell from the picture."

There you have it. Jared Leto has officially stripped us of all joy. Love is dead. Cool.