Rivals Reactions: Here’s How Some Challenge Casties Felt About That Shocking Finale

Not everyone thought Johnny Bananas should have kept the $275K for himself

TJ Lavin revealed that the winner of Rivals III had to make an unprecedented and challenging decision at the end of the grueling Argentina-based final: Split the prize or keep all the dough for himself/herself (applying to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers). And the victor on the winning team totally sent shockwaves after revealing their choice.

Johnny Bananas, who racked up more points than his teammate Sarah throughout the diverse course, did NOT split the $275,000 grand jackpot prize and opted to leave the game with all of the winnings for himself.

Naturally, his bold decision elicited some responses on Twitter. First up, the six-time champion had no second thoughts about taking the money and running:

Meanwhile, Battle of the Exes 2 gold medalist Sarah — wearing her helmet from her Norway dominant performance with Jordan — had a few choice word about what unfolded:

Understandably, some of their fellow cast members had a few opinions as well:

And a few familiar faces also weighed in on that epic ending:

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