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Tove Lo Is Too Chill For Drama On Her New Single ‘Cool Girl’

Or at least she’s trying to be

Last winter, Tove Lo teamed up with Demi Lovato for a live duet of “Cool for the Summer.” On her new single “Cool Girl,” though, Lo is staying chilly all on her own.

“Cool Girl” marks a slick turn for the “Habits” singer. It’s a biting take on the way a “no fucks given" attitude gets idealized, especially in women.

“Let’s not put a label on it / Let’s keep it fun,” sings Lo. She’s happy to get tangled up with boys without getting emotionally attached — or at least she’s trying to keep her head cool no matter what.

Despite her best intent, though, Lo might just succumb to that passion she’s trying to avoid after all. “I got boiling blood... we could burn together,” she sings at the bridge.

After all, you can only stay “ice cold” for so long in the middle of August.