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Here’s Why Kylie Jenner Turned Off Her Instagram Comments

Good luck getting that ‘LB’ now 😞

Last week, Instagram announced it would allow users to filter comments, or even disable them off entirely, on their posts. The option was first offered to users with "high-volume comment threads" — so users like Kylie Jenner.

Some users, like Chrissy Teigen, opted to ban comments containing certain words like "Trump," "whore," or "cleanse." Kylie decided to turn comments off entirely.

On Twitter, Kylie explained the reason she got rid of comments is simple — she's sick of self-promotion. Kylie Jenner's Instagram exists to promote one person only, OK?

She also took the time to explain to an inquisitive follower that "LB" stands for "like back," reminding us once again that Kylie is fluent in slang and not afraid to show it off.