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Kylie Jenner Has Enough Wigs To Make A Rainbow, Congrats

Somewhere over the (hair) rainbow

Kylie Jenner has managed to cram a lot of wigs into her 18 years on earth. But it wasn’t until she shared a look at her “hair rainbow” on Snapchat that we truly realized the extent of her collection.

Last night, Kylie snapped a high shelf in her closet filled with wigs of various lengths and, of course, colors. We may never understand why someone needs three light blue wigs, but here we are. If you can fit ’em in your gigantic closet, why not, right?

One shade that is noticeably absent in the spread is red, a color that Kylie, apparently, promised to try before she turned 19.

Kylie responded to a fan who reminded her of that promise on Twitter — though her response lacks words, the smiley speaks volumes. If we know Kylie and her wigs, we’ll be seeing a redhead Kylie before August 10.