Getty Images / The Pokémon Company / Maeve Keirans/MTV News

Joe Jonas And Ansel Elgort Are New York’s Baddest Pokémon Gym Bosses

They want to be the very best (like no one ever was)

There are casual Pokémon Go players, then there are serious Pokémon Go players, and Ansel Elgort and Joe Jonas both seem to fall into the latter category.

On Wednesday, Elgort tweeted out photographic proof that the bros are not taking Pokémon Go lightly. Both help control the gym at New York's Horace Greeley Statue, which means now you can battle their Omastar and Vaporeon and take Team Valor down a notch — if you're on Team Instinct or Team Mystic, that is.

The Fault in Our Stars actor is hardcore killing the game. Elgort announced last week his Dragonite was holding down the fort for the Brooklyn Bridge gym, and also shared how his "Pokédex is lit." It really is, TBH; I wouldn't wanna do battle with him until I level up my Dragonite some more.

Also on Wednesday, Jonas shared a pretty adorable pic of the two Poké-pals. Seriously, celebs going on Poké-crawls together is making this gaming experience the very best thing ever. Victorious's Avan Jogia and Matt Bennett also went on a Poké-hunting bro-date this month, so now we're just waiting for the next Pokémon duo to emerge.