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13 Critical Questions I Have For This Pic Of Blond Baby Taylor Lautner

This is a lot to take in, guys

When I think of Taylor Lautner, I immediately picture the boy with the dark, spiky hair who was slick as hell during his date with Alyson Stoner in Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Of course, he lost the spikes but kept the dark color for the Twilight films — his character's name was Jacob Black, after all. And now, he's gearing up for Scream Queens Season 2 as a hot doctor with non-spiky, but still dark, hair.

So imagine my surprise at seeing Lautner's entry for Way Back Wednesday on Instagram today: a pic of his BB self with blond, blond, blondy-blond hair.

Tons of kids start out with blond hair only to have it naturally darken, but I can't remember ever seeing Lautner with non-dark hair. It's like, I'm looking at Taylor Lautner, but it's not really Taylor Lautner. And because I'm a nosy curious person, I have some serious questions about this.

1. How old are you here?

2. Do you miss your blond hair?

3. Were you thinking, "Hello darkness, my old friend" when the pic was taken?

4. Is that clown's name "Flip Flop"?

5. Is the bad choice for a clown name the reason you're afraid of clowns?

6. Or is it because you watched IT as a kid when you knew you weren't supposed to?

7. Or how about that Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode with Zeebo the Clown?

8. You know the one, right?

9. Is there gonna be a clown on this season of Scream Queens?

10. And will you have to fight him?

11. Because that would be rather poetic, don't you think?

12. And then does John Stamos come in and save you, punching him where the red nose don't shine?

13. I mean, that'd make a good episode, yes?