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What I Like About You: What’s The Cast Up To 10 Years Later?

The sitcom’s final episode aired March 24, 2006

Before you start reading this post, please turn up your speakers and blast Lillix’s What I Like About You theme song, a cover of The Romantics’original .

Awesome, now we can get started.

For four seasons, the Tyler sisters stole your heart in What I Like About You. After their dad moved to Japan, baby sis Holly (Amanda Bynes) moved in with the older, wiser Valerie (Jennie Garth). Together, they tackled school, work, and boys in the Big Apple. (There was also the spontaneous drunken Las Vegas wedding.)

It’s been a whole decade since the series wrapped in March 2006, so let’s take a walk through Val’s unrealistically large New York apartment and revisit our favorite characters.