Nathan Kress Is Still ‘Mortified’ By Farting In Front Of His iCarly Crush

Whoever smelt it dealt it, right?

When Brett Davern from MTV’s Awkward asked iCarly star Nathan Kress for a funny behind-the-scenes story, he didn’t disappoint. The two friends chatted on Monday’s episode of Davern’s podcast.

“I’ve never told anyone this before. This is going to be really mortifying,” the Nickelodeon alum said. “Jerry [Trainor], he was doing something — I can't even remember what it was — it made me laugh so hard that I just [farting noise] ... like, farted farted. And he was the only one who heard it, because I was trying to control it so it was quiet enough that he was the only one who heard it.”

Maybe Trainor was making you laugh/ruining your childhood with one of his sex jokes? But anyway, the story gets worse.

“[There] was this girl that I, like, totally had a crush on, and I knew that she was going to be walking in 30 seconds later and so ... I take my script and I’m starting to, like, fan [the air], trying to get it out of there.”

“I was about to cry because I had never done that before, and this girl was walking in, and I was trying to be cool,” he explained, laughing.

Fortunately, nobody except Trainor noticed and all was well for dear Freddie, who married his girlfriend London Elise Moore last November. No word on whether she’s fallen victim to any of his farts.

Listen to Kress’s full episode on “The Brett Davern Show” below. The farting starts at 38 minutes, and he also talks about his iCarly audition process at 33 minutes.