Daniel Radcliffe Reportedly Circling A Magical Sequel

Nope, not 'Harry Potter.'

You're a wizard magician, Harry Daniel.

Daniel Radcliffe may be returning to the world of magic once again, but not in his most famous role as boy wizard Harry Potter. No, Radcliffe is reportedly circling a role in "Now You See Me 2," the sequel to summer 2013's ensemble flick "Now You See Me."

Deadline reported that Radcliffe may join the cast of the Jon Chu-directed sequel, which has already reportedly secured commitments from original cast members Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson, Michael Caine and Dave Franco. (Fisher is reportedly pregnant with her third child.)

According to the report, Radcliffe would play the son of Caine's duped insurance magnate character. Could he be out for revenge against the renegade group of magicians, or might he want to join them?

We did pretty terribly in Divination, so we'll have to wait with the rest of the Muggles until "Now You See Me 2" comes out on June 10, 2016.