All The Feels: Teen Wolf Fans React To The Final Season Announcement

Let's just say some of the San Diego Comic-Con attendees got a little emotional

Time and time again, the Teen Wolf cast has given thanks to the countless fans who follow the MTV series religiously. And when it was announced at San Diego Comic-Con that this upcoming season would showcase the last adventures of Scott McCall and his pack, enthusiasts at the Convention Center understandably had a lot of thoughts about this news.

"I'm really sad to think that it's over, and I want to thank Jeff Davis for creating this wonderful show that makes all of the emotions a person can have," a teary-eyed loyalist, who was proudly donning a "Be Your Own Anchor" T-shirt told MTV News (as seen in the video above).

Meanwhile, another young supporter could not keep her feelings bottled up inside.

"I've cried like three times now," she admitted, while her pal chimed in with, "It's true, she has." Completely legitimate reaction!

Hear what other TW devotees had to say in the clip -- which also features some highlights from the final SDCC panel. Then stay with MTV News for more updates before Season 6 commences this fall, and get a taste of what's just around the bend for the Beacon Hills gang in the trailer below.