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Fetty Wap Just Met One Of His Favorite Rappers: ‘Life Goals — I’m Done’

And even shared the stage with him

Pretty much everyone in hip-hop has been overwhelmingly excited by Gucci Mane’s release from behind bars. Drake, Kanye West, and French Montana have all collaborated with him, his Everybody Looking album hit No. 1 on iTunes over the weekend, and he’s inspired a rash of social media love, including the #IfItWasntForGucci hashtag.

Fetty Wap is no exception.

“Yesterday, I met Gucci Mane! I met motherfuckin’ Guwop!’ Fetty cheered in a clip online. “My life is fucking finished. Life goals. I’m done.”

Not only did Fetty get to kick it with Gucci, who was released to house arrest in May after almost three years in prison, but he also joined him onstage at his homecoming concert over the weekend.

Hopefully he was just caught in the moment, though, and didn’t mean it when he said he was done: “I made more than $5 million. I met Guwop. I got all my fucking dream cars. I fucking quit!”

But hey, if he does decide to hang it up, at least he went out with a smile.