Fall In Love With The Cast Of Supergirl As They Recap Season 1 In Song

This is seriously the best thing you will watch today and maybe for all eternity

Mondays are a terrible slog without Supergirl. If you, like us, are lost without a weekly dose of Kara Danvers — a.k.a. the (super)human embodiment of sunshine and happiness — then you’re in luck. In fact, MTV has the perfect cure for this horrible Supergirl drought: a lovely song, courtesy of the cast themselves.

Watch as the delightful cast of Supergirl recap Season 1 in song. Major props to MVP Jeremy Jordan, who really took the lead from Melissa Benoist and ran with it.

Alas, we still have to wait until October 10, 2016 for new episodes of Supergirl (on the CW!), but hopefully this makes the wait slightly more bearable.