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Bryan Fuller Previews His ‘Modern’ Take On Star Trek

He tells MTV News that he’ll boldly go where few have gone before

The USS Enterprise is one busy starship. Not only is Star Trek Beyond hitting theaters this weekend (and not just in the Kelvin Timeline), but a new Star Trek television series is also in development over at CBS. With Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Pushing Daises) at the helm of the CBS All Access series, Star Trek fans can expect a deep-space adventure like no other.

Fuller, whose early writing credits include Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, popped by MTV’s San Diego Comic-Con studio with the cast of his other highly anticipated series, American Gods, but we couldn’t let him leave without telling us something about Trek. So far, details have been sparse. We know the first season of Fuller’s Star Trek series will consist of 13 episodes, but how will the veteran showrunner approach it?

“We are telling the story in a modern way, which allows us not to try to wrap up the tale in 42 minutes,” he told MTV's Josh Horowitz. “So we look at each season as one novel.”

So the first season will have one continuous story arc, which is unusual for Star Trek. The original series, as well as The New Generation, were episodic in nature. Every episode was a new adventure in deep spade. However, Deep Space Nine and Enterprise experimented with more serial storytelling.

The trick for Fuller and his writers will be striking the perfect balance between the two. An episodic approach would allow for the kind of exploration that’s needed in a Star Trek show, while a continuous arc would benefit the characters and set the stakes.

Either way, we’ll be down for the ride — wherever this starship takes us.

The series is currently slated to premiere in early 2017.