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5 Seconds Of Summer Bust Ghosts And Get Slimed In The Adorable ‘Girls Talk Boys’ Video

The band makes for some pretty convincing Ghostbusters

5 Seconds of Summer just took their Ghostbusters geekery to the next level.

When “Girls Talk Boys” dropped on the Ghostbusters soundtrack last week, 5SOS celebrated by dressing up in their very own ghostbusting outfits. It turns out those costumes were for the song’s video, in which the foursome run around a lo-fi New York City in search of errant spirits.

Interspersed with footage from the actual movie, the “Girls Talk Boys” vid is an adorable homage to some of the Ghostbusters’ finest moments — from both the 2016 remake and the original. Zuul hops out of a fridge, Slimer makes an appearance, and Michael Clifford even dresses up as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to stomp around a cardboard NYC.

It’s not like the franchise needs another remake just yet, but when the next round of ghostbusting comes around, we hope the studios keep these Aussies in mind.