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Céline Dion’s Rihanna Impression Is Something You Need In Your Life

You've definitely never heard ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ like this before

Until today, I had no idea Céline Dion even knew who Rihanna was. Now that I've seen her impression of her, I can’t stop thinking about the two of them hanging out. I would like to thank Jimmy Fallon for inspiring this fantasy within my brain and soul.

Last night Jimmy had Céline play “Wheel Of Musical Impressions” during her Tonight Show appearance. It’s one of Jimmy’s trademark games and, honestly, it always delivers. I still don’t understand how Céline Dion can sing like she does and do spot-on impressions of Cher, Rihanna, and Sia while some of us can’t even do an impression of one good singer, but I digress.

If you’ve watched Céline and are inspired to watch more musical impressions — it’s Friday, treat yourself, you deserve it, etc. — may I suggest you watch Ariana Grande’s?

I mean ... her Céline impression? Insane.

Now I’m expanding my fantasy to have Ariana join the Céline-Rihanna hangout. If they want to invite me, that’d be cool. No pressure.