George Pimentel/Getty

How Much Does Selena Gomez, Instagram’s Queen, Make On Social Media?


Earlier this year, Selena Gomez dethroned bestie Taylor Swift as Instagram's most-followed person. Gomez currently has 90.5 million followers, and she inches closer and closer to 100 million every day. So exactly how much money does this make? More than you'd think, actually.

According to D'Marie Analytics, Gomez — their No. 1 social media influencer — brings in $550,000 across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Cha-ching!

The Revival superstar also has the most-liked photo on Insta, a sponsored pic for Coca-Cola with 4.6 million likes. Ex Justin Bieber, who posted the runner-up at 3.7 million likes, is shook.