[SPOILER] Became The First Female To Die On This Season's Scream -- But Left A Clue About The Killer's Identity

Lesson learned: Never date a madman

Heaven just got a new angel. NOT.

After taunting Audrey with that movie theater stunt, getting into a fistfight with Emma in the Learning Center and ridiculing Brooke right after Jake finally dropped in, Haley Meyers got what she deserved became another victim on tonight's episode of Scream.

But there was one crucial difference between Haley and the season's other three casualties (Jake, Eddie and Mr. Branson): She knew her attacker and hence, the identity of the new slasher. And that, in turn, gave us a crucial clue about who's behind the mask.

Thanks, Haley -- you were a bitch but turned out to be useful after all.

The tip-off came after everyone in the Lakewood posse (except for Brooke because, you know, she's busy being fabulous) was led to the abandoned Blessed Sisters Children's Home -- aka the place where Miss Lang and Piper grew up together (seriously, was that a curveball or what?). There, Emma, Kieran, Noah, Zoe and Audrey walked in on a bona fide bash, which one partygoer described as an event thrown to "face the fear and take back the night."

But who organized the rager (and handed out all those Brandon James masks)? Emma had a notion when she saw Haley standing by the turntable -- and swiftly demanded to know who sent out the invite.

"Calm down," Haley replied. "I said I'd help out a friend. A very special friend who prefers to remain anonymous."


When Emma pressed for details -- and warned that Haley's "friend" could be the killer -- Miss Meyers dismissed her concerns.

"Stop being so paranoid," she said. "It's someone I'm seeing."

Anyone else feeling bad that Haley was so easily manipulated by the killer? No? Okay, let's continue...

The George Washington High School student met up with her new love interest just a few moments later: After venturing off to a storage room alone, Haley looked up to see someone -- shown only from behind -- dressed just like the killer (probably because, you know, it was the killer).

As Haley moved in for a kiss, her beau pulled the mask down off his face -- meaning his grill had been visible and Haley absolutely, positively knew who he was. And, well, you know what happened next -- but did you really expect good ol' Haley to be hung from the ceiling a la Silence of the Lambs?

So gather 'round, friends, and help us dissect this: First off, Haley never used any pronouns when talking about her "special friend" -- so she could have been dating a girl. But would a girl tower over her in height like the killer did? Wouldn't it be more probable that a tall, dark, disturbing strapping man like Stavo -- who just happened to be seen at the party toward the end -- was the slasher? Or maybe someone as statuesque as, say, Kieran (say it isn't so!)? Hey, that bastard Mayor Maddox seems pretty tall -- could Haley have had a daddy complex? What about Eli? Sure, he's not exactly Shaquille O'Neal (no offense, bro), but with a pair of lifts and really good posture, he might have been able to stand higher than Haley (plus did anyone else notice he was conspicuously MIA this entire episode?). And oh yeah, good ol' Hale did drop to her knees in an effort to do something that she'd pretty much only do to a guy. 'Nuff said.

Tell us: Who do you think is the Season 2 killer? And how deep is the connection between Miss Lang and Piper? Get talking in the comments, then catch another episode of Scream on Tuesday at 10/9c!