Always 'Remember': This New Teen Wolf Promo Made Us Nostalgic (And A Little Teary)

It's the show's last season -- how can we not get emotional?

Grab a fresh roll of toilet paper, 'cause you're gonna need it after the epic cry you experience when watching this new Teen Wolf promo.

It's so simple -- it doesn't even show the characters' faces, for crying out loud -- but it's equally emotional. The final season of Teen Wolf is upon us, and it's all starting to truly hit home.

The clip (above) flashes scenes reminiscent of previous seasons, dating all the way back to the very first. The deserted field where we first met a young Scott McCall in his werewolf-like state, before the lives of his friends were threatened by a laundry list of villains.

The dark woods from the Season 2 trailer, promising the onslaught of old man Gerard and the deadly kanima. Rippling water from Season 3, bringing back memories of the Darach, Deucalion and the Alpha pact that forever changed Scott and Stiles. We then remember Scott & Co. rising from the ashes of the Oni and the Nogitsune to battle the benefactor. And finally, a tray of medical tools followed by the shadow of La Bête, which brought little more than death, destruction and the evil Dread Doctors to Beacon Hills.

Not to mention Lydia's "remember" voiceover -- not only foreshadowing what's to come throughout Season 6 but ensuring that this is one show we'll never forget. Dry your eyes and tell us: Which Teen Wolf season has impacted you the most? And for a special rewind, catch all of the promos in their entirety in the playlist below.