Did Scream Just Reveal That [SPOILER] Is The Killer?

Now that's some seriously incriminating evidence

Hey bro, how are you gonna explain THIS one?

So far this season, we've had plenty of reasons to suspect that hunky creepy Stavo is the new Scream slasher. First off, he's obsessed with murder and enjoys drawing pictures of his classmates with knives through their heads (we're guessing stamp-collecting isn't his thing). Second, he told Noah -- even before Jake's body was found -- that "the killing never ends" in Lakewood (and seriously, how did he know THAT?). Third, and most importantly, he's got a bona fide Brandon James mask -- and even tries it on while posing in the mirror and listening to music (anyone else get deja vu of Buffalo Bill dancing to "Goodbye Horses" in Silence of the Lambs?).

But on tonight's episode, a TOTALLY incriminating piece of evidence against Stavo surfaced: When Sheriff Acosta -- clearly beginning to suspect that his own son is involved in Lakewood's newest killing spree -- pored over a pile of Stavo's latest drawings, he found a depiction of Mr. Branson, handcuffed to that motel room bed just the way Brooke had left him. The problem: Ms. Maddox never told Stavo what she'd done to Mr. B.


That's right -- so far, the only person in whom Brooke confided is Audrey. The sole other human who got a glimpse of Mr. B in that motel room? The killer, who handily (sorry, we had to) sawed off the former teacher's fist and then sealed the wound with a hot iron.

There's more: Sheriff Acosta had gotten other disturbing 411 when he listened to a taped conversation between Miss Lang and Stavo -- a conversation recorded by the teacher herself (get well soon, honey, even if you are a shady bitch.)

"That's why you kept the bodies?" Miss Lang was heard asking.


"It's a matter of perspective," Stavo replied. "Michelangelo needed subjects, so he robbed graves. And art history remembers him as a god."

That was enough to make the sheriff immediately investigate his son's bedroom -- and when Stavo had walked in on the raid, his Pops demanded to know the whereabouts of that mask, then brought up his troubling past.

"Stavo, we came here for a fresh start -- to put Phoenix behind us," Sheriff Acosta pleaded.

"I told you -- it was an accident," the high school student said stoically.

"That's not what I'm talking about," his dad replied. "It's what you did AFTER the gun went off that troubles me."

Okay, so let's review, shall we? In tonight's episode alone, we've discovered that Stavo a) has "kept bodies" b) was involved in a gun incident c) did something weird after the aforementioned gun incident d) has intimate knowledge of something only the killer would know about. Seriously, is there any way that he ISN'T the Lakewood slasher? Or could he be this year's red herring a la Kieran in Season 1 -- and will Stavo somehow be exonerated? Put on your detective's hat and tell us your theories, then get ready for more Scream next Tuesday at 10/9c!